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SEND & Inclusion

Here you will find information about how we support children with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND). We have included our local offer document as well as links to other help and support available for families in the St Helens area.

The St Helens Local Offer for children with SEND can be found here:

As we are a large school we have four SEND leaders, each responsible for a specific area of school. They are:

Phase Year Groups SENDCo
1 Little Oaks, Nursery, Reception Mrs Rutter
2 Year 1 and Year 2 Mr Kruze
3 Year 3 and Year 4 Miss Spencer
4 Year 5 and Year 6 Miss Mason


Here are some examples of the ways in which we adapt our learning environment in order to meet the needs of our pupils with SEND:


Sensory Areas Across School Adaptive Resources and Displays Within Classrooms

The Sensory Trail

A space where children can have physical movement breaks, as required, throughout the school day.

Sensory Trail.jpg

Visual Timetables

All of our classrooms are communication friendly, meaning that instructions and routines are supported by visuals. Every classroom at Broad Oak has a visual timetable. Each activity on the visual timetable is accompanied by a visual from Widgit Online. This consistency across the school helps to reduce the anxiety that our children can feel regarding routines and knowing what is happening next. Class teachers set the visual timetable up at the beginning of each school day and talk through it with the children.

1 Visual Timetable.jpg


The Calm Room

A sensory room where children can access a relaxed environment with a variety of sensory resources.

Calm Room.jpg

Calm Room 1(1).jpg

Now / Next Boards

Some of our pupils with SEND use a now/next board. The now/next board is used to show pupils the activity that they are going to complete now and the activity that will follow. For example:
Now: Maths
Next: Sensory break
Each activity on the now/next board is supported by a visual from Widgit Online. This helps our pupils who have communication difficulties/difficulty reading to understand their routine. Our pupils love moving their visuals from 'now' to their 'finished' box! Now Next.PNG


 Sensory Spaces

We have created sensory spaces around the school building to meet the needs of our pupils with SEND. Take a look at one of our sensory spaces on the Y6 corridor.

1 Sensory Space.jpg

Resources To Support Sensory Needs

Pupils with SEND who experience sensory dysregulation throughout the school day will be provided with resources to help them to receive sensory input in an appropriate manner. These resources may include: ear defenders, resistance bands, wobble cushions, standing desks, tactile fidget resources, weighted blankets etc. SENDCos will provide these resources to pupils after a discussion with parents and class teachers.

1 Sensory Resources.jpg

Trauma Informed Environment

Broad Oak is a trauma informed setting and all of our staff members are trauma informed practitioners. We work closely alongside TPC Therapy to create a trauma informed environment, nurturing environment at Broad Oak. All of our classrooms and shared areas are neutral, natural and have soft lighting. This helps our pupils to feel calm, safe, happy and ready to learn.

1 Trauma Informe.jpg

Wellbeing Check In Charts

At Broad Oak, the emotional wellbeing of our pupils is paramount. Nurturing every member of our Broad Oak family is at the heart of everything that we stand for at Broad Oak. In order to support the emotional and mental wellbeing of our pupils, each class has an anonymous emotional wellbeing check in chart. At the beginning of each school day, each child is encouraged to reflect upon how they are feeling and to identify whether they would like to have a check in with a staff member. If they would like a check in, they will move their name/peg/label to the 'I need a check in' sign. This is a brilliant way of ensuring that our pupils always have the opportunity to share their worries and anxieties with staff members.

1 Check in Chart.jpg


Assessment for SEND pupils at Broad Oak Community Primary School

In order to assess children with SEND effectively at Broad Oak Community Primary School, we use B-sqaured (Connecting Steps) to set SMART targets. This means that we can ensure evidence of small steps of progress. If you would like to learn more about this form a assessment, a QR code and link to the B-squared website and the Sensible SENCo website are just below with access to a variety of short videos.
QR code link to the B-squared website. QR code link to the Sensible SENCo website overview for B-squared



Here are some of the agencies that our SENDCos liaise with regularly to support our pupils with SEND:

  • TESSA Autism
  • TESSA Vision Support
  • TESSA Hearing Support
  • TESSA Literacy
  • TESSA Behaviour
  • Developmental Paediatrics
  • Neurodevelopmental Pathway
  • Continence Team
  • The Bridge Centre
  • Orthoptics
  • Occupational Therapy
  • CAMHS / CYPMHS St Helens
  • Barnado's BOSS
  • Listening Ear Therapy
  • TPC Play Therapy
  • Educational Psychologists
  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Health Visitors
  • Dieticians
  • The LA's SEND Team
  • St Helens IASS




Other sources of support for parents of pupils with SEND include:




Here are some brilliant SEND support groups in St Helens and the local area:

Clair's Parents Meeting Parents ADHD Support

Momo's - A Cafe With A Weekly Club For Children With Additional Needs

St Helens and District Dyslexia Association - SHADDA

Positive Autistic Living - PAL


Please click the link below to view the St Helens Children and Young People Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Support Offer



Any questions, concerns or complaints regarding inclusion can be forwarded to SENDCos via the main office on: 01744 752340 or by email to:

If you are a parent of a pupil with SEND / a parent who believes that your child may have SEND, please get in touch with the school office to arrange a SEND review with your child's phase SENDCo. 


Thank you!
Miss Mason, Miss Spencer, Mr Kruze and Mrs Rutter