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School Council


Meeting May 2024

Today we met as a School Council and had lots of items on our agenda.  


We gave our opinions and thoughts on how to improve our playground. After looking at different proposals we had lots of ideas and we shared these with Mrs Hignett. 


Maths Scheme 

Together we gave our feedback on our new Maths Scheme. We all agreed that we feel a lot more confident using the scheme. Our favourite parts of the lesson are the independent and challenge tasks. We also enjoy the Do it Now tasks as we can solve them independently.  



We want to make lunchtimes an enjoyable time for all children, including their time inside the hall. We feel that we need to refresh our hall rules to make lunchtimes safe and more enjoyable. Together we planned another poster competition to make our rules more visible to children each day as they line up for lunch.




Meeting April 2024

Today we looked at some examples of bins for our playground. We needed to consider the visual appeal ot the bin aswell as how cost effective it was. In the end we decided upon two great options, we can't wait to see them out on our playground. 



Meeting February 2024

Two representatives from the School Council went to visit Parr Care Home. We arranged a meeting with the manager and the deputy manager to discuss ideas to strengthen community relationships. We put forward lots of ideas that they loved and can not wait to get started. On the 30th March we are going to visit Parr Care Home on the ‘International Day of Happiness’. Hopefully, we can spread a little joy and sunshine within our community. We also worked together as a School Council to choose our attendance poster finalists. Mrs Hignett chose winners from our selection and had the posters professionally made and posted around school. care home.PNG










Meeting 24th January 2023

Today we met as a School Council to create a shortlist of posters for our competition. Each class had designed posters that encouraged us to be in school every day and on time. As a council we chose a selection from each phase to give to Mrs Hignett. We cannot wait to see which posters are chosen to be displayed around school. In our eyes however, everyone was a winner!


In our next meeting we will discuss the following:

  • What we can do to celebrate Children’s Mental Health Week in 2024
  • How we can spread the word about Children’s Mental Health Week
  • What activities we would like to do in classrooms to support Children’s Mental Health Week.




Meeting 06/12/23

Today in School Council we discussed ways to continue to make sure that:

‘Attendance is everyone’s business’

Together we decided that a poster competition was the best way to raise everyone’s awareness. The council agreed it would be nice to see posters displayed by children alongside those made professionally.







Meeting 15/11/23


Today we met as a School Council to discuss the items on our agenda. First, we discussed our upcoming Children in Need Day. As a council we have sent out information to parents to participate in a ‘Crazy Hair Day’ to raise awareness.


We also discussed the importance of our role as safeguarding and wellbeing monitors for the school. We talked together about the areas we felt safe in school and how we can work together to improve behaviour on the playground. We highlighted some areas that we wanted to discuss with Mrs Hignett.



Meeting 18th October 2023

Today we met as a School Council to discuss the items on our agenda. First, we wanted to decide upon a plan for Children in Need. As a council we decided that a ‘Crazy Hair Day’ would be a fantastic idea to raise awareness and raise money.


Next, we wanted to think of ways to encourage one another to improve our attendance. As a council we had lots of ideas. However, together we decided that a half termly ‘Pizza Party’ would be a great way to encourage classes to be in school on time. The class with the best attendance will be awarded a pizza delivery to eat whilst watching a film on the last day of school!


School Council  September 2023


Today we met for the first time as a School Council. We discussed the roles within the council and how we will work together to improve school life for all pupils. We are all very happy to represent Broad Oak this year!

School council.PNG



Council 2.PNG



Council 3.PNG





School Council Meeting Minutes Friday 23rd June

We met together as a council following our successful 'Broad Oak Picnic' and picked litter from the field to help clean up after the event. After this we met for our meeting.

Our agenda today was 'How can we improve road safety outside of school?' As a council we are concerned about the lack of pedestrian crossing on the main road near school. Lots of families have to dangerously cross the road each morning and afternoon. As a council we decided on the following actions:

  1. Write a letter to our local council expressing our concerns about the lack of pedestrian crossing
  2. Hold a school assembly about how to stay safe on the roads outside of school




School Council Meeting Minutes Friday 5th May

Today we discussed how successful our letter to a local charity had been. We were granted £300 to spend on the equipment we wanted to make improve playtimes. It felt really good that our council had an impact and that we now will be receiving some of the items off our wishlist.


Our agenda today was 'What would you like to do to celebrate the end of the year?'

We talked together and shared our ideas. Lots of the children discussed doing something outside on the field and a picnic was mentioned as something fun we could all do as a school. We looked online and saw it was National Picnic week in June and so decided we would ask Mrs Hignett if we could have a picnic to celebrate. As a council we voted that we would like the kitchen to make chicken nuggets with chips as a special treat!


School Council Minutes Friday 24th March


Today we met as a School Council to discuss the question ‘How can we make playtimes better for all children?’


These were some of the points we raised:

  • Access to the field more if we have a dry spell
  • More footballs
  • New skipping ropes
  • Locatre lost balls more regularly
  • Having large games outside such as Jenga
  • Bringing back the outdoor library
  • Wet play games such as Dobble and Uno.
  • Organised games outside like cricket and hockey


We discussed as a council writing a letter to a local charity who support schools like ours. Two of the members discussed writing the letter and sending it off with a wishlist of things that would improve our experience. Hopefully we receive a reply and maybe raise some support for some of the items on our wishlist!



School Council 03/03/2023


Today the School Council had our first meeting. We had three items on our agenda and discussed lots of plans and enjoyed meeting together for the first time. 

  1. First on the Agenda we looked at Red Nose Day. We decided as a School Council to wear comfy clothes in support of Red Nose Day. Donations can be brought into school and children can come wearing their comfest clothes/ red noses.
  2. Secondly we talked about Pop Shop songs and voted on two new choices to request from Mr Moore. We can not wait for him to learn these so we can start singing them.
  3. Lastly we completed our letters to the residential home in Broad Oak and nominated members of staff for a 'School Council Shout Out'


Our next meeting we will be discussing: Playground equipment, Lunchtimes and After School Clubs. Here is a photo of us all together!628B2474-FA33-4CE0-8A72-AD592447B815 (1)(1).jpeg