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Young Carers

Young Carers

At Broad Oak Community Primary School we believe all young people have a right to an education, regardless of their situation at home. When a young person has a caring responsibility, they may need extra support to help them get the most out of school.

We define a Young Carer as a young person who has caring responsibilities for a family member with a disability, health condition or substance misuse issue. Young carers may take on responsibilities such as washing and dressing the person they're caring for and looking after younger siblings – plus domestic chores such as cooking, cleaning and shopping. 

If you think your child has or is currently taking on a caring role then please let us know. All we want to do is support children and give them the help they need and deserve. This may simply be greater flexibility around homework or a listening ear but, without being told we may never know that a child needs help. There are also details of other agencies that can help below.


Young Carers Champion,

Mr L Winstanley