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At Broad Oak our vision for Mathematics is to create a positive and engaging learning environment that promotes mathematical thinking, reasoning and problem-solving skills and a deep understanding of mathematical concepts. Through hands-on exploration, collaborative problem-solving and real-life connections we encourage children to foster a ‘You can do it’ attitude that encourages children to persevere, take risks and celebrate their mathematical successes. Through a mastery approach, we aim to promote a deeper understanding of mathematics, encouraging children to think critically and apply their knowledge in different contexts; empowering children to think mathematically, make connections, and become confident, independent learners in mathematics. All children will celebrate their individual successes and be clear of their next steps to make progress especially those with SEND.



We provide a comprehensive mathematics education that nurtures students' curiosity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Our mathematics teaching and learning endeavours to equip students with a solid foundation in mathematical proficiency, including fluency in number sense, problem-solving abilities, reasoning skills, and the application of mathematical concepts across a wide range of contexts. We believe in fostering a deep understanding of mathematical concepts through a concrete-pictorial-abstract approach, where students engage in hands-on experiences, visualise mathematical ideas through various representations, and develop the ability to reason abstractly. By integrating mathematics with real-world applications and utilizing technology as a tool for exploration, we aim to create a dynamic learning environment that empowers students to become confident, adaptable mathematicians. Through a mastery approach, we strive to instil a love for mathematics, enabling children to develop the essential mathematical knowledge and skills they need for success in the modern world.


From September we will be adopting the Ark Mathematics Mastery Scheme as a frame work for our Mathematics curriculum. Click below to find out more.

ark principles image.JPG

We have chosen to adopt this scheme as the Mathematics Curriculum design in Ark Curriculum Plus is informed by four key design principles. These ensure our curriculum is:

1. Knowledge-rich

2. Academically ambitious

3. Logically sequenced

4. Designed to support memory


Learning Ambassadors

Rockstar Ambassadors Subject Leader

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  Miss C Brown

KS1: to be confirmed for Sept


LKS2: to be confirmed for Sept

LKS2: to be confirmed for Sept  

UKS2: to be confirmed for Sept

UKS2: to be confirmed for Sept  


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Home Learning

Please feel free to use some of the links to websites which could help enhance maths learning at home for each student. We have split these into phases according to curriculum and age related expectations. 

Phase 1: Nursery and Reception

Phase 2: Years 1 and 2

Phase 3: Years 3 and 4

Phase 4: Years 5 and 6


You might want to visit Rising Star's Parent Hub for advice and tips on supporting your child at home, or download helpful resources to use at home.