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Meet Our Governing Body

Our Governing Body was reconstituted on 8th June 2015.

The composition of the revised Governing Body is shown below:

1 Head Teacher Governor , 1 Staff Governor , 1 Local Authority Governor , 2 Parent Governors ,

8 Co-opted Governors

The Governing body operates on a governance without committees model which means the full governig body meets at least once per half term to consider all school related business: premises, health & safety, personnel, finance, salaries, staff grievance and discipline, compalints, exclusions, curriculum and standards, admissions and appeals relating to staff grievance, discipline and salaries.

Members of Our Governing Body including Declarations of Interest and Pecuniary Interests

Headteacher Governor

Mrs Melanie Hignett

Appointed as Headteacher in September 2012

Staff Governor

Mr Jake McGowan

Start term 28.05.21, end term 27.05.25

Chair of Governors

Mrs Lisa Moore 

Start term 02.06.19, end term 02.06.23

Member of Bleak Hill Primary School Governing Body

Employed by Torus Housing

Local Authority Governor

Cllr K Groucutt

Start Term 05.09.19, end term 4.9.23

Councillor for Parr

Parent Governors

Ms Logan Howlett

Start term 23.05.22, end term 23.05.26


Mrs A Riley

Start term 23.05.22, end term 23.05.26

Co-opted Governors

Mrs Emily Harwood 

Start term 19.11.22, end term 18.11.26

Learning & Participation Manager, The Lowry

Cllr Kate Groucutt

Start Term 05.09.19, end term 4.9.23

Councillor for Parr

 Mrs Lisa Lawton 

Start Term 26.03.22, end term 26.03.22


Mrs Cathy Cross

Start term 25.11.19, end term 24.11.23

Employee Heart of Glass Art Project

Ms Danielle Anderson 

Start term 10.06.18 end term 10.06.22

Assistant Headteacher at St Cuthbert's Catholic High School

Mrs Leanne Waring

Start term 26.04.21 end term 25.04.25