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Headteacher Updates


Week one of the new term was so busy, this update had to wait till Monday. 1M enjoyed a pizza party for the best attendance of spring term, we had a visit from the Heart of Glass to plan our next exciting art project (watch this space for the Parr School of Optimism coming soon), all children from Y2 to Y6 met with different subject leaders to talk about what works well in lessons and how we can make learning even better and Y1 parents came to an information session about the upcoming phonics screen check. All this alongside our usual learning - we were all tired by the end of the week.

Attendance across school last week was good. Well done to the following classes who had the highest attendance in their phase:

Maple – 97.1%

1M – 96.7%

4B – 96.4%

5S – 99.3%

Attendance matters – you can see how much goes on each day, children who aren’t in, miss out. Children who are in school regularly have better connections with others, achieve more in their learning and get to make the most of all school has to offer. 

This half term’s Broad Oak Family Value is ‘Learning Together’. This term we will focus on the importance of getting along with others, communicating with one another and helping each other to be the best we can be. I look forward to celebrating our success in our Family Values Awards at the end of May.

We have now received the names of the children who will be joining us in Nursery and Reception in September, there are lots of them! We are looking forward to welcoming them all in to our Broad Oak Family. We do still have some places available in Little Oaks so if you have a child who is already 2 or turns 2 between now and 31st August, pop into the school office to find out if you are eligible for a FREE 15 hour place.

Have a great week everyone – lots to look forward to again, don’t forget that you can pop into school anytime to speak to myself or other staff if you have any questions, concerns or need any help or support.

Mrs Hignett



So that’s Spring Term done! We’ve enjoyed lots of different school trips, Science Week, World Book Day, Storytelling sessions, Broad Oak baking and a visit from the Easter Bunny – all since half term.  Thank you to our amazing staff who organise and deliver all these opportunities. Every day at Broad Oak is packed with fun, learning, friendships and growing. Missing a minute means missing out – there’s so much more to come in Summer term too. All children in school today will come home with an Easter egg, kindly donated by Saints. Thank you so much.

I’ve also given out lots of Easter treats today to children in all classes who have attendance over 95%. 1M enjoyed eating their lunch at the golden table because they had the most improved attendance this term and they also won the pizza party prize because they had the best attendance this term too. This takes place on Friday the 19th April and one parent per child is invited to enjoy the fun. Watch out for your invitation, 1M.

Holiday support

Don’t forget school is open each Tuesday from 10am to 12pm during the break – pop in for a food bag, for a chat or a helping hand.

The Family Hubs are also open for activities and support:

family hub 1.png

family hub 2.png

Summer Term Learning

Our Year Group pages have lots of information about what we learn in school. There are also lots of things to celebrate on Seesaw – don’t forget to log in regularly and see your child’s great learning.

School Reopens/School Start Times

We’re back on Monday 15th April with breakfast club as usual.

We continue to have a number of children arriving late to school. This causes congestion at the main office and means a less settled start for our children. Doors open at 8.40am and children are expected to be in class, ready to learn at 8.45am. Please support your child and their teacher by bringing them to school on time.

I hope you have a lovely Easter. Thank you for your support this term, lots to look forward to in the next one.

Mrs Hignett


Happy Friday everyone. This week we have enjoyed seeing many of you at Parents Evening, Y3 learned a lot visiting St Philip’s Church and we welcomed a visitor from the English Hub to look at our brilliant phonics learning. A busy week indeed.

School Uniform

This is a gentle reminder of our school uniform policy. I know that children may have outgrown items from September but there are still a considerable number of weeks left in the school year and children need to wear the correct unform to school. Wearing uniform sets the tone for learning (look smart, think smart) and creates a sense of belonging in our Broad Oak Family. Uniform is just as important on PE days as others. All items are available at a low cost from supermarkets, logo items aren’t needed. We also have new summer dresses and skirts available to purchase here at only £2 per item. Please do let us know if you need any support in providing the correct uniform for your child.

uniform list.png


Some brilliant classes this week - much improved! Thank you for your support with helping your child get the most out of school.

We’ve enjoyed giving out our attendance spot prizes this week and have started our Countdown to Spring challenge too. Congratulations to 3D who have had 100% attendance all week - there will be a special prize heading to each family next week. Well done as well to 2K who are enjoying hot chocolate and biscuits this afternoon for having 100% today. More daily prizes next week including a special visitor on Monday – don’t miss out!

attendance 23.3.png

Holiday Activities and Morrisons Vouchers

Morrisons Vouchers are now being distributed from the office for eligible families. Don’t forget to book your holiday clubs for children entitled to free school meals or with an EHCP. There are animation and video game workshops at St Augustine’s for 8-11 that are new this time. There is a link here:

Water Bottles

Children are welcome to bring their water bottle into school to stay hydrated through the day. The bottles are stored in busy classrooms so sometimes do, unfortunately, get lost or broken. Children should only bring a cheap, sports type bottle into school available from high street shops or supermarkets – Stanley bottles or energy drinks bottles (even if empty) aren’t suitable for school use.

End of Term

Just a reminder that school closes on Thursday 28th March at 2.15pm. It reopens on Monday 15th April with EBC club as usual. If you need help or support through the break, the office will be open each Tuesday from 10am to 12pm.


Have a great weekend everybody,


Mrs Hignett



Mid-March already – the weeks are flying by. Y5 have enjoyed a trip to Jodrell bank this week and the whole school had a super Science day with our visiting expert scientist, Wacky Jackie, who taught us so much about science in a fun way.

HAF Clubs and Morrisons Vouchers

During the holidays, there will be Holiday and Activity Clubs taking place across our town. These clubs provide free, fun activities (along with lunch) for children eligible for free school meals and/or with an EHCP.

Activities are always very popular so make sure you book as soon as possible. Bookings open at 2pm on Monday 18th March:

We have had confirmation that Morrisons vouchers will be available for eligible families for the holidays. We will send more information when we can.

Parents Evening

These take place on Wednesday and Thursday next week. If you haven’t made your appointment yet, please speak to the school office or your child’s teacher. There will also be the opportunity to purchase brand new uniform (including summer dresses) at the cost of £2 per item. Teardrops will also be in attendance on Wednesday to offer advice and support.

Name the Bunny

We are raising money for our school fund to support upcoming Summer activities for our children. Guess the name of our Spring Bunnies at the end of the school day by the hall to help us. £1 per go.

Social Media

There are an increasing number of incidents involving children using social media such as Snapchat and Whatsapp inappropriately at home. These incidents often spill over into school and upset children and take time away from learning. Please check your child’s devices and speak to them about the importance of being safe and responsible online. Both Snapchat and Whatsapp have 13+ age ratings.


Well done to our attendance winners Acorn, 2G, 4B and 6S. Remember, our spot prizes start next week – be in to win. 😊

Take care all,

Mrs Hignett



World Book Day

Didn't everyone look amazing as we celebrated World Book Day? There was plenty of reading, writing, listening and, of course, fun as we heard stories from a storyteller, shared the same book right across school and enjoyed guessing which characters we were. 

wbd2.pngwbd writing.png



New Arrivals in Nursery

Not only did we enjoy World Book Day but there has been lots of excitement in Nursery as our duck eggs hatched and we have watched 4 baby ducklings emerge from their shells. Nursery children are doing a great job of looking after them before they move to their new home soon.


Parent's Evening

Letters have gone home about Parent's Evenings taking place on 20th and 21st March. If you haven't received your letter, please see your child's teacher or contact the school office to make an appointment. We are looking forward to sharing information about your child's attitude to learning, progress and attendance with you.

Letter from Public Health about Measles

Please see the information below from Public Health:

Is your child protected against measles? 

Dear Parent / Carer / Guardian, 

We are writing to you to ask for your support in checking your child’s measles vaccination status, by looking at the vaccine page in their red book or by contacting your GP practice to check if your child has had two measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccinations and if not, to make an appointment. 

Nationally we have seen a significant increase in cases of measles in the last few months and we are starting to see an increase in cases in the north west.   

Measles is a highly contagious illness, easily passed on through coughs and sneezes and can cause serious complications in some circumstances, with those who have never received the MMR vaccine at greatest risk.   

Being vaccinated is highly effective at preventing people getting measles.  Having both doses of the MMR vaccine provides up to 99% effective life-long protection against measles. It is one of the safest and most successful vaccinations used in the world today. According to the WHO, the MMR vaccine has saved an estimated 17.1 million lives since the year 2000, with over 500 million doses given across 100 countries in the last forty years. 

The MMR vaccines have been part of the UK routine vaccine schedule since 1988. All children should have received two doses of the MMR vaccine by the time they start school (or by 3 years and 4 months of age). More people are now coming forward for vaccination but there are still some people yet to have the vaccination.  

Please check if your child had two doses of the MMR vaccine to protect them, your family and community against measles. If you are unsure, please check your child's red book or contact your GP, who can offer any missed vaccinations so you can catch-up. If your child wasn’t vaccinated for MMR before, they can be vaccinated for free at any age with two doses, one month apart. 

If you would like to learn more the MMR vaccine or how to spot signs and symptoms of measles, please refer to

Kind Regards 

 Ruth du Plessis 

Director of Public Health 


Congratulations to the classes below who had the best attendance in their phase last week.

Attendance was improved last week - thank you for your support in helping your child get the most out of school. The next few weeks have lots of spring activities coming up with spot prizes for children in school - they won't want to miss out. Don't forget the parent and child pizza party for the best attending class too.

Phase 1 Willow 98.3%
Phase 2 2B 97.2%
Phase 3 4H 97.3%
Phase 4 5S 97.7%
May will soon be here and Y6 children are busy preparing for the SATS. Whilst the tests are not for them to worry about, they are a chance to showcase their learning throughout primary school and inform their new high school teachers of their next steps so parents and carers may want to learn more about them.
There is a leaflet below to help. Miss Brown will share more information soon too.

 Bring on next week for more Broad Oak adventures,

Mrs Hignett



Apologies for the late update  – another busy Broad Oak week flew by!

We were delighted to take part in filming last week for an information film about refugee families who have settled in St Helens. Our children were confident and engaging as they told their stories of coming to school in a new country. Broad Oak was nominated to take part because of the care and support we offer to all our families – a huge honour.

Wraparound Care

The Local Authority would like your views on wraparound care in St Helens. Wraparound care is childcare before and after the school day. Share your views here by 15th March:

World Book Day

Broad Oak will celebrate World Book day on Friday 8th March. Children can come to school dressed as a book character, in their favourite outfit or in their uniform if they prefer. Please don’t buy new costumes or a special outfit, there is no need. All children will have fun together sharing stories whatever they are wearing.

Find out what we are learning

Don’t forget the year group pages, Seesaw and Tapestry have lots of information about what children are learning in school. On our last parent questionnaire, you told us that you wanted to find out more about the curriculum – we listened and added more to these sites.

For children and families who speak another language, there is a translate button on the school website at the top of the site (shown below underlined in yellow) that can change the language on each page. We hope this helps.




Moments matter, Attendance Counts – Seesaw and Tapestry show you how much fun children have each day and how many connections and experiences happen in our classrooms. Being at school makes a difference.

Well done to those classes in green with attendance over 96%.

attendance 26.2.2.png

There will be another update later in the week to share the news from this week.

Take care,

Mrs Hignett



Week one done! I know our Y1 children enjoyed their trip to the safari park and 1S are looking forward to their pizza party for having the best class attendance last half term.

Dates for your diary

We will celebrate World Book Day on Friday March 8th. Children can dress up as a book character if they wish or simply choose their favourite outfit to wear, ready to enjoy a day of stories together. If you have any outgrown costumes, we would welcome them in school to pass on to other families.

Next week there will be a book fair in school. There is more information here: Broad Oak Community Primary School: Book Fair 2024

Parents Evening will take place on Wednesday 20th March or Thursday 21st March depending on your child’s year group. Letters will be sent out closer to the date.

Wednesday 20th March

Thursday 21st March

Little Oaks



Maple, Acorn







Online Safety

We hear of an increasing number of children using online games to communicate with their friends or, worryingly, people they don’t know online. Fortnite is a popular game for many children but it does have an age rating of 12+ and allows players to speak to others online which means it can be harder to make sure everyone is safe. Here is a parents guide to Fortnite to help you keep informed about the game your child plays:

Next week we are holding some online safety workshops for children in KS2 to help too.

Calling Early Years parents

Here is an exciting opportunity from the St Helens Early Years Team...

Do you have a child under 5?

We are looking for volunteers to take part in an optional research project HENRY trial! 🀝Henry.JPG

HENRY is a free 8-week programme which supports families with children (aged 6 months - 5 years) to give them the best start in life and develop a healthier lifestyle for the whole family. 🍎

The programme supports physical and emotional wellbeing, and covers nutrition, physical activity, portion sizes, screen time, looking after yourself, exploring feelings, and managing challenging behaviour. πŸ₯°

Everybody who attends will receive a HENRY parent toolkit full of useful goodies and a £30 incentive for those taking part in the trial.

If you are interested, please call 01744 673420 or email to get in touch with us.


It has been a disappointing start to the half term for attendance. Every day counts – not just for learning but for making friends, experiencing new things and feeling settled in school. If you are worried about your child in any way, whether it’s being poorly or worries about coming to school, please speak to us and together we will find a way forward.



attendance 24.2.png

Let’s hope for some dry weather and a happy weekend before another exciting week next week.

Mrs Hignett




Today is the last day of Spring term One. Although just 5 weeks, such a lot has been packed in with RE workshops taking place this week as well as Mental Health assemblies and learning about keeping safe online during Online Safety week.

As parents, carers and teachers, it can be difficult to keep up with the technology our children use but it is really important to check that they are using phones, laptops and tablets sensibly and responsibly and not playing games or watching videos that aren't right for them.

You can find out more from the NSPCC about keeping children safe online here.

nspcc online.png






As the half term holiday approaches, it’s also important to keep children safe in our community too.

Please remind your child about how to look after themselves when they are playing outdoors – including road safety, stranger danger and keeping to agreed home times and places they are allowed to go.

This week we’ve also enjoyed sharing Y3s wonderful art work with parents and carers in our walk through art gallery and our choir thoroughly enjoyed their time at the Young Voices concert.

Y3 art.pngYV.png



I’ve enjoyed awarding prizes to our Attendance poster competition winners today. Well done to Elizabeth, Sienna, Sofia, Ava-Louise, Acorn Class and Poppy. Their posters have been printed and will be displayed around school.

I have also given out 25 raffle prizes (one in each class) for a family treat today. There will be more spot prizes next half term – another reason not to miss school.

Here is the class attendance list for this week.

 attendance 9.2.png

World Book Day

We will be celebrating World Book Day on Friday 8th March 2024.  Our chosen book for the day will be ‘Can I be your dog?’ by Troy Cummings.  Following feedback from parents last year, this year the children will be able to dress up as their favourite book characters. Please don’t worry if you don’t have a costume though and definitely don’t go out and buy one, own clothes are perfectly fine. It’s more important that we have a fun-filled celebration of reading, with everyone having the chance to get nice and cosy with their favourite books.

Half term holiday

School is closed next week and reopens on Monday 19th February with EBC as usual. If you require help, support or a food parcel, we are open on Tuesday between 10am and 12pm for calls or visits.

I hope you all have a lovely week. See you on the 19th!

Mrs Hignett




February is here! We end the week with sunshine and good news. We were delighted to receive the Paths Model School Status Award from Barnardos on Thursday. We were also thrilled with the performance of our Y5 football team who came an impressive third in the local schools competition.

paths award.jpg

Well done everyone.

Paths is an important part of our teaching in our relationship, health and sex education lessons but there are other things we learn about in this subject as well. All the information about the things we cover in each year group are on our school website:

Cradle to Career

Parr Cradle to Career will be a local programme run by people who live and go to school in Parr, so they need to hear from you! They want to know what’s great about our area and what you think could be improved. Together with local partners, they have created a survey for you to complete, which will help focus on making the changes and improvements that matter most to people from Parr. Cradle to Career started in North Birkenhead, and has already seen some great improvements in just 3 years, if you want to find out more, here is a video about the work in North Birkenhead.

This short survey should take approximately 10 - 15 minutes to complete. See our privacy policy for more information on how we store and process survey data.

Links for surveys:


attendance survey.png


Here is the class attendance for this week. Well done to the overall winners this week, 1S.

attendance 2.2.png

Community Information

There is a free Breakfast Club this Saturday at St Philips Church from 11am. Free breakfast, crafts and fun for all the family.

Sleep Charity

Does your child struggle with sleep? For support to help you and your child please see the information below.


Half Term

Next week is the last day of this half term. School closes at 3.15pm on Friday 9th February and reopens on Monday 19th with breakfast club as usual. To support our families, we will be open between 10am and 12pm on Tuesday 13th for food parcels, telephone calls and visits.

Have a lovely weekend everyone,

Mrs Hignett



The weather has been very unpredictable this week but despite the wind and rain there has still been lots going on at Broad Oak.

Congratulations to our Dance Team who placed third in a local school dance competition and well done to our football team who showed great sportsmanship and effort in a school tournament. We're very proud of everyone.

The School Council have been very busy and organised an attendance poster competition. They have been shortlisting the entries this week. There were some fabulous designs – the winners will be announced next week.

Our children say coming to school is important because:

“You get to spend time with your friends.”

“The teachers are fun and kind”

“You can play games and do exciting things”

“If you miss days, it can be hard to catch up.”

Look out for our attendance champions on the playground each Friday morning who are happy to talk about why coming to school each day matters.

attendance champions.png

We want to hear your voice on school attendance too. Fill out our parent survey here: 

attendance survey.png

Class attendance for this week is below. Every class in green is over 95%. Well done to the overall winners 1M.

26.1 attendance.jpg

Next week we are looking forward to celebrating being awarded PATHS Model School Status. PATHS is the programme we follow in school to help us learn about relationships and feelings and how to manage them. We use different characters including Twiggle and Daphne to help us. You can find out more about PATHS by clicking on Twiggle.

paths logo.png

Have a lovely weekend everybody,

See you on Monday, in class by 8.45am so you don’t miss a thing.

Mrs Hignett


Thank you for your support during this snow week. We know it was tricky to get to school on some days due to the weather and we do appreciate your efforts in ensuring children came to school.

Shortly you will receive a coloured letter that tells you your child’s attendance for last half term. This is to help you keep track of how many days of learning your child has missed and if their attendance is excellent (green), good (amber) or needs some improvement (red)

This term we will be inviting the parents of children in the class with the best attendance to join us for a pizza and games afternoon. Being in school every day helps children keep friendships, learn new skills and feel settled in school. Here is the class attendance for this week. The winners will receive £20 for their class to buy new games and treats for their classroom.

attendance 19.1.jpg

Coming to school on time is just as important as attending regularly. All children should enter through their classroom doors because this gives them the best chance of a settled start to the day. If they arrive through the main entrance, they will be given a late mark. Staff and the Education Welfare Officer are now on duty to sign children in each morning and offer support – please do not use the signing in machine.

We have updated our year group pages on our school website. In our last parent survey, you told us that you’d like more information about what children learn each half term. We have uploaded a topic map just like the one below to each year group page along with some useful vocabulary and links to help with this.

year 6 topic web.jpg

Look at the year group pages here: Broad Oak Community Primary School: Year Groups

On Monday (22nd) Teardrops will be available for a support drop-in between 9.30 and 11.00. They can give advice on a range of matters from housing to benefits. Please drop in even if it’s just to see what help is out there for your family.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, stay safe on the ice.

See you Monday,

Mrs Hignett


Happy new year! I hope you all had an enjoyable break.

It’s lovely to be back at school this week. The children have settled straight back in to learning – I’ve a feeling it’s going to be a good year.

Parent Governor

Don’t forget to return your voting slip for our parent governor election. There is a ballot box at the main entrance. The deadline for returning slips is next Friday morning.

Y6 trip

If your child is in Y6, please make sure you fill in the permission slip for them to attend the visit to the Imperial War Museum. You can find it here:

Local Library Services

Although it is disappointing that our local library in Parr is closing, there are still lots of ways you can access books as a family. The information below tells you more.


Relationships, Health and Sex Education (RHSE)

We have updated our RHSE policy. You can find more details of how and what we teach children in this subject on our school website.


Attendance started off really strongly this week – you will have seen lots of information on the news and social media about why school attendance is so important. We love having all our children in school each and every day, they miss so much when they’re not here and we miss them. Please make sure your child attends each day that they can.

Here is the class % attendance for this week. Well done to 2B and 4B with the highest attendance this week. Classes in green are all over 95% too.

attendance 12.1.jpg




Moments matter, attendance counts.

Next week, senior staff will be admitting children who arrive late via the main entrance. School starts at 8.45am and children should be in their class by then. Arriving on time helps children have the best start. Please arrive on time each day.

Have a lovely weekend, see you bright and early on Monday!

Mrs Hignett




The end of term is here! It has been a pleasure to see so many of you at our Christmas events. Thank you for your support not just over these past weeks but throughout the year. Working together really makes a difference.

I’d like to take this opportunity to also thank our brilliant staff. It is a privilege to lead such a talented and committed team who go above and beyond for our children.  We are very lucky to have them. Thank you everybody.

Today we have been able to give every child in school a gift. These have ranged from art sets to board games to pyjamas to selection boxes. The children enjoyed choosing their own gift from the selection. We’ve also had a Santa visit and real reindeers and donkeys too. All this has been made possible with donations from Mission Christmas, St Omer’s Trust, Teardrops, private donations and our own fundraising. We are very grateful to everyone for their generosity.

School closes today at 2.15pm and reopens on the 8th January.

Christmas is the only holiday where school is closed throughout but if you do need support, there is a document at the top of this page with numbers for lots of different organisations. Please remember, it’s ok to ask for help.

We all know there have been lots of colds and coughs about but there are also some more serious illnesses circulating too. This includes measles. I have been asked by St Helens Public Health to ask you to check your child’s vaccination status and if they haven’t had their MMR jabs, to make an appointment with your GP to get them.



I hope you have a happy and healthy holiday. I look forward to welcoming you all back on the 8th.

Happy Christmas everybody.

4LM Christmas.PNG

Mrs Hignett


The end of our last full week has arrived. It’s been a busy one! Only 4 days of school next week.

It was lovely to see so many of you at our Christmas events this week. I’m so proud of our children and staff who have worked so hard to put on brilliant performances and activities for you to enjoy.

Don’t forget there are still performances from Y3, Y4, Acorn and Maple still to come. See last week’s update below for times and dates.

We all really enjoyed a special panto performance of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ today from our amazing, talented staff. Thank you so much everyone.

staff panto.jpg


Our Countdown to Christmas Attendance event has been really successful so far. Each day we’ve had more than one class with 100% attendance and the children have been enjoying some great prizes as a reward. This event continues next week so the more children in class, the more chance there is of winning. Please make sure your child attends each day if they can.

Children won’t want to miss our surprise activity day on Wednesday (trust me it’s exciting) or party day on Thursday. Party clothes can be worn on the last day but children still need a coat and shoes they can play outside in.

There are no after school clubs taking place at all next week. School closes a little earlier at 2.15pm on Thursday 21st. We reopen on Monday 8th January with Breakfast Club as usual.

I’ll send a reminder of this in my update next week.

Have a great weekend everybody,

Mrs Hignett


Attendance Update

Tonight your child will bring home an attendance letter which lets you know their attendance from Autumn Term 1. It will be red, green or amber depending on how many days were missed in September and October. 

It's just as important to attend school at the end of term as it is at the beginning. To spread a little festive cheer and to continue the the spotlight on attendance, we are having our very first Broad Oak 7 Days Countdown to Christmas this year.   

Starting on Wednesday 13th December and continuing until Thursday 21st December,  we will be celebrating the class with the highest attendance each day.  Each winning class will choose a number between one and seven from our Broad Oak Advent Calendar to reveal a prize for the whole class to enjoy.  These prizes include a daily 20 minute golden time session, hot chocolate and treats, access to the attendance games box and much more.  We're very excited to see which classes will win these fantastic prizes.

Next week, on one of the days, there will a very special Broad Oak magical surprise day with seasonal visitors and activities - the children will definitely not want to miss out on this.

On the last day, it's party day! Children can come dressed in party clothes and school is jam packed with over 650 gifts from games to toys to other treats which every child in school that day can choose from. Exciting times.

Thank you for your support in ensuring our children make the most of everything Broad Oak has to offer.

Mrs Hignett



This week we have all been very busy preparing for our Christmas performances. The choir did an amazing job at the Parr Christmas light switch on and then sang beautifully again at the Parish Church School Concert. Well done everyone with special thanks to Vilo and Lewis for excellent public speaking in the concert.

Next week, there are Christmas activities everyday. To enable our children to do their best, all the performances from Y1-Y6 have the same songs and readings. This means that we have been able to practise together and ease the pressure of performance on everyone – it’s hard to remember lots of lines and songs when you’re not grown up yet.

If you have more than one child in school, you will see the same show but at least you’ll be able to join in with the songs. 😊

You are welcome to take photographs and videos during performances but please try to capture your child only and these should not be posted on social media.

After the show, children will remain in their places for you to take photographs. Please don’t call your child over as we need to make sure everyone is accounted for and safe.

If your child’s performance is at 2.30pm, they will be able to be collected from their classroom door straight afterwards. However, brothers and sisters need to stay in school. Classroom staff will open their doors from 3pm to save you waiting too long. Please collect all children from the usual door not via the school office.

On Friday, it’s Christmas Jumper and Christmas Dinner Day. We are all looking forward to this.

Children can wear their Christmas jumpers with suitable joggers, jeans, skirt etc. This does not have to be school uniform.

Here’s a reminder of Christmas dates next week:


Next week you should receive an attendance letter, this will be red, amber or green depending on how many days your child attended school in Autumn Term 1.

Attendance matters - children who are not in school miss out on play, friendships and learning.

If you have any questions or concerns around attendance, please come and see me or Mr Affleck.

I will be posting an attendance update on this page on Monday with news of exciting challenges to come.

Have a lovely weekend all,

Mrs Hignett


December has arrived. It’s certainly brought the cold weather to Parr. Please remind your child to bring their coat to school each day – we are still trying to have outdoor time when it is safe to do so.

Y1-Y6 enjoyed a performance of Pinocchio on Wednesday. The cost of this performance was generously covered by Children's Charity Merseyside. We are very grateful for their support.

Parent Governor

Due to the relocation of one of our Parent Governors, we are looking for a new parent or carer to help us make Broad Oak even better. There is one meeting per half term (so 6 each year in total) which take place at 4pm. They usually last for about 90 minutes. We can offer free childcare for your school age children. It’s really important to have a parent voice on our team. You don’t need any experience just enthusiasm and a willingness to help us be the best we can be. There is a letter at the top of this page with a slip to return to school if you would like more information.


We are now selling tickets for our Christmas raffle – all funds raised will be put towards Christmas activities for our children.


Here’s a reminder of our Christmas events:

xmas dates 23(1).jpg


We know that as the term goes on, it becomes harder and harder to come to school each day but every day your child misses, they are missing chunks of learning (it’s hard to catch up on Wednesday if you’ve missed Monday and Tuesday) and they are missing time with their friends (it’s tricky to play games if the teams have already been set up or the rules decided). There are lots of exciting events coming up that children will miss out on if they are not in like Pantomimes, a magical surprise day, our Broad Oak Gift Giveaway and more.

Here is the class attendance for the week.

Congratulations to 4B, our weekly winners. They will have the big box of games to enjoy in their class next week.

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Church Events

We work closely with St Philip’s Church, Derbyshire Hill. They are holding a Christmas Disco tomorrow (Saturday 2nd) and will be hosting the Parr Christmas Light switch on from 4pm on Tuesday 5th.

Here is a complete list of their events:



Looking Ahead

The term dates for next academic year 2024/25 have now been published. You can find these here:

Have a lovely weekend all,

Mrs Hignett



The last full week of November has been jam packed here. We’ve had visitors in school talking to our children about their learning in English and Geography – they were very impressed with their knowledge and confidence. We’ve had another visit from the Daniel Fox Foundation as well as some more sessions with St Helens Chamber on the world of work.


Regular attendance at school is the key to success. Our attendance has been improved this week. Thank you for your support in ensuring children attend school as often as possible. Let's keep this up so our children can benefit from all school has to offer, especially at such an exciting time of year.

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School Meals

The new school meal menu is now up and running. The children are enjoying a new range of tasty meals for the winter.



Ssshhhh…. It’s almost December

Next week we will be selling tickets for our Christmas Raffle. All money raised will go towards the children’s Christmas activities.

On Wednesday 29th November, Y1-Y6 will enjoy a special theatre performance in school.

Our Christmas trees will arrive next week – exciting times!

We would still welcome donations of children’s Christmas jumpers so we can hold our swap shop before Christmas jumper day.

Scroll down to the Headteacher Update from 10.11.23 for all the Christmas performance dates

Our friends at St Philip’s are holding a free Christmas party on 2nd December. All are welcome.

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School Communications

We use text messages and the school website to share messages with you. Seesaw and Tapestry are for sharing learning. Please speak in person at the end of the day or use phone, email or text to communicate to teachers. These are the best ways to make sure your message reaches the right person.

If you have downloaded the Edu Spot App for Teachers 2 Parents / School Money, you will receive messages in the App not as a text, so please turn on your notifications so you don’t miss any important information! Text messages are only sent to the first contact of each child. If you require messages to be sent to a non-resident parent or carer, please speak to the school office.

Have a restful weekend everybody, I think the next few weeks will be busy!

Mrs Hignett



It's a crazy kind of hair day here! Thank you for your donations to Children in Need and School Fund. We're still counting but whatever the total, it will make a difference.

Over the past week, we've had lots of visitors in school including the Daniel Fox Foundation, an assembly led by Safer Communities and a Maths learning visit from Ark+ Curriculum. All our visitors were impressed with our children's behaviour and attitude to learning. I'm very proud of everybody.


Here are the attendance figures for this week. Congratulations to 2B who have the best attendance this week and win the exciting box of games to enjoy together in their classroom for the next 5 days. 

Some of our teachers will be acting as Attendance Buddies for children across school. They will be checking in with them and offering support to help them come to school as much as they can. You may get a call from a teacher if your child has been chosen to have an Attendance Buddy.

Congratulations to our new Attendance Champions. These children are excellent role models for others in lots of ways. They will help us promote the importance of attending school regularly.

Maja 1W
Theo 1M
Jessica 2K
Isla 2G
Isaac  3C
Sophia 3D
Elliot 4LM
Ellie 4B
Leighton  5W
Lola 5BD
Amelia 6M
Matthew 6B


Christmas is coming...

I know it's still only November but don't forget to check the Christmas dates in last week's update.

Another date for your diary is the Parr Christmas Tree Switch On. Our brilliant Broad Oak Choir will be singing so please come along and support them.