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YR home learning Wednesday 3rd June

We have a brand new topic, ‘With the Wave of a Wand’. During this half term, our learning will be focused on superheroes and magic!  

Enjoy these phonics clips provided by letters and sounds which we follow in school. They will help you with your reading and writing.

Here is the link to the Oak Academy also:


To start our topic off, I would like you to imagine that you are a superhero and design your own superhero costume. Can you use your phonics to label your costume? Can you write a simple sentence about your costume and your special powers? Here is an example: 
My costume is red. I can shoot lasers and I can fly.  
You can use the template attached below or you can draw your own. Remember to use your imagination and be creative! Don’t worry if you don’t spell all of the words correctly, just use your phonics and record the sounds you can hear in each word.


I have some pictures of different superhero's (attached) and they all look a little different. Can you tell me how they look different? Colour, shape, boy/ girl, mask/ no mask etc.  


I have some pictures of lots of different coloured masks too (also attached within the same document) and I would like you to sort the masks out and share them between the different superheroes. Firstly, share the masks between the two superheroes and then the three superheroes. Think carefully about the colours the superhero is wearing, maybe they would like a matching coloured mask? 


Once you have sorted the masks, think about which superhero has more, which has less, do any have the same amount? Can you find a different way to share the masks between the superheroes?


At the weekend Spacex launched into space. You can watch a replay of the launch here 

Can you design a piece of clothing to wear in space?