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YR Home Learning Friday 5th June

We hope you are all safe and well, we miss you lots and look forward to seeing you all soon!

Enjoy these phonics clips provided by letters and sounds which we follow in school. They will help you with your reading and writing.

Here is the link to the Oak Academy also:


Today, I would like you to think of a Tales Toolkit story around the theme of ‘superheroes’  
A superhero could save the day and solve the problem in your story. You could include yourself in the story, think about the superhero you designed on Wednesday, could you include that superhero in your story? Here is an example: 
Character: Miss Traverse  
Setting: School 
Problem: All of the frogs have escaped and are jumping around the classrooms! 
Solution: Supergirl arrives with a net and uses her super speed to catch all of the frogs. Phew!  


Today I would like you to practise your adding skills again.  

Attached is a superhero themed I spy sheet and number sentence sheet. I would like you find and count each type of superhero needed in the addition number sentence. Then write the numbers in the boxes to make number sentences. Now you need to add the two numbers together.  


Use some counting resources to help you if you need to – it always helps me!

Physical development

Get active today with some superhero challenges. (see attached file).  

Can you create your own superhero challenge for someone in your house?