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Little Oaks Home Learning 8/6/20

Little Oaks Home Learning 8/6/20

Hello everyone, 

This week our story is ‘Monkey and me’ by Emily Gravett

Please click on the story below. As you read the story can you use the picture clues to guess what animal comes next?

Can you remember what animals are in the story? 

Activity ideas:

Sing 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed ..... one fell off and bumped his head 

If you go for a walk look out for numbers! Can you spot any numbers on front doors or car registration plates? How many number 5's can you find? 

Draw or paint a picture of your favourite animal!

Choose your favourite animal from the story and make an animal mask, you can use coloured pencils on a paper plate or paper, or add any bits of collage materials you have at home, cut two eyes out and you have your very own mask! 

Can you make marks in different textures, e.g sand,  soil, salt , flour, you can use your finger or a stick, have a go at making a 'm' ( up, down, up down) or use water to paint marks on the pavement or wall. 

Little Oaks Staff