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03.06.20 Y4 Home Learning Tasks

Welcome back Year 4! It is your final term of being Year 4, before you make the big step into Upper KS2.  Although this is not how we would usually spend our final term, you can still achieve so much through our home learning tasks as well as reading, reading and reading some more!! 

I hope you have all enjoyed the sunny weather we have been lucky enough to have and are fully refreshed for this term's challenges.


For the sequence of lessons daily maths activities are going to focus upon shape; 2D shapes (flat shapes) and their properties, the three different types of triangles and the many different types of quadrilaterals. 

So let’s get started with a bit of mathematical magic

Here you can see plenty of different 2D shapes have been made from just one piece of paper. Take a read of this bitesize guide to help us remember how to identify different 2D shapes known as polygons. It will help us learn more about how we can identify different polygons based on their properties

Now you know how to identify different 2D shapes or polygons. Remember you must consider how many sides they have and how many vertices (corners) they have to help you match them up with their names.

First have a go at the worksheet. Look at the shape and then write down the shape’s name and the number of sides that is has. If you want to challenge yourself, write down the number of vertices (corners) that the shape has.

Fancy a challenge - go on a 2D shape hunt in your house – what can you find? Or take a look at the picture slides instead to see what shapes you can find. Use the Mr Men shape mat to help you remember the properties of each shape – remember a diamond is actually called a rhombus.



This week our English lessons are going to focus upon Reading Vipers and Spellings. This week’s reading text is all about the Titanic. It is a non-fiction text and details the 12th April 1912, when everyone was boarding the Titanic, before it set sail.  The questions today focus upon Prediction and Vocabulary.  You can answer the questions in your work books or on a piece of paper.

Spellings this week focus upon statutory spelling words that you need to learn during your time in Year 4.  You will find a PowerPoint with all the words on, a word list and a definition task.

Supported Spellings – There is a list of 10 words for children who are finding the above spellings tricky. Today’s task is a ‘Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check’ activity as well as task that uses colours and art to help learn spellings.


There's lots of different activities for you to complete today. 

Have a fantastic day!

Mrs. Keyte