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Year 4 Activities 22/5/20

Happy Friday everyone - would you believe that today is the last day of our half-term.

Tomorrow marks the start of our Whit Holidays meaning today's activities will be the last ones posted until Wed 3rd June.

So here's todays tasks ...


Today we are going to finish looking at time by answering some time word problems!

For example,
Stanley begins playing football at 2:15pm. He plays football for 1 hour and 10 minutes. What time is it when Stanley finishes playing football? (3:25pm)

If you have an analogue clock that your grown up doesn’t mind you using, you could physically move the hands on the clock to help you to work out these time word problems. You may even be able to work them out mentally. Good luck! J

P.S. Try to practice telling the time daily by reading the time on any digital/analogue clocks in your house.


Friday already! Well I hope you have enjoyed exploring your newly discovered dragon with e this week – I know i’ve enjoyed reading along this week. Today is time for you to write the last section of this week’s work. Today I want you to write about the moment your dragon fruit became a dragon. Use your notes from yesterday to help you include description of what you saw, heard and felt.

You can write in the 1st person as Thomas e.g. Suddenly Thomas was woken by a strange piercing screeching noise which was coming from his bedside table.

Or you can take on the role of the narrator and create your own character instead to discover your dragon, e.g. Carrie, who had hoped she would get a good night’s sleep after all that work in the garden, was rudely awoken by a pungent smelling smoke which was billowing from her top drawer as she sat up.

Enjoy writing – I look forward to seeing some of your finished writing.

If you get chance why not take a read of Chapter 4 to see what happens to Thomas’ new arrival!

Now make sure as soon as you finish you pack up those books and put them away so you can enjoy your holiday. Keep an eye out for our next Phase Newsletter which will be posted on Monday. And until 3/6/20 enjoy the sunshine and stay safe!