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School for Invisible Urbanists Project

Hello everyone, I have a really exciting project for you to get involved with. The Heart of Glass and artist Andy Field are really excited to share this activity pack with you.

Would you like to become an invisible urbanist? Change the world bit by bit? Anyone can become an Invisible Urbanist, including you. The first step is to read this guide we’ve made for you.

The School For Invisible Urbanists is a secret society of young people from Broad Oak Primary School Year 5 students and artist Andy Field who are thinking about the changes they'd like to see in the world around them, and what they can do to make those changes. The group began with Andy and this group of young people, but through the work in the school, and later their homes, The School for Invisible Urbanists have created A Young Person’s Guide to Changing The World. We're really pleased to share this guide with you (and introductory video from Andy Field) as an invitation to join them in thinking about how you can make your world a better place, in your home for now, and then the world around you.

Please keep hold of the things you write down, draw and make throughout, sometimes you will need to refer back to them. You can also share these on the Pupil Scrapbook part of the school website. Please let us know what you enjoyed most and maybe some things that you've learned.

Have fun!