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School Council

What is a School Council?

A school council is a group of children that have been democratically elected by their classmates to stand as their Class Councillor. Our Councillors then share not only their ideas but their classmates ideas too, and these help us to make important decisions that imrpove our school for the benefit of the children.

Why do we have a School Council?

The purpose of our School Council is so that we can listen to the views of the most important people at Broad Oak, the children. Their views are extremely important to us and the School Council gives every child a voice in how our school can be improved.

What we have done so far...

Our School Council recently went on a walk around the school and decided that an important improvement we needed to make was to seating on the playing field. Our Councillors discussed what sort of seating we could have and where we could place them. Our Councillors then cast a vote, decided on several benches that they feel would improve the seating on our school field and brought our suggestions to the Governors.....

At the request of our School Council, we decided to find out about the benches being ordered for the playing field. At the next meeting the council was informed that benches were on order and would be at school soon. During our meeting, the Councillors brought up many topics for discussion such as the playground, the dinner hall and the wooded area. The council decided to focus on the school playground and how children in their class found it a little difficult to find members of staff at times, and came up with the great idea that staff could wear high vision jackets or vests to help make them more visible for the children to see.....