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Year 4 Activities 20/3/20

Good Morning

A few updates for today for those of you joining us from home. As you will be aware things are changing day by day and as a result this is the best place to keep up to date. A text message was sent out yesterday for those of you at home. Resource packs have been prepared for the children to use whilst working from home and they are available from class teachers today. If you are currently in self-isolation then please feel free t ask a friend or family member to collect one on your behalf. Included there is also an information page containing login details for your child for a number of web based resources and a number of helpful websites to locate suitable home activities.

Things to take a look at today ...

English task - Apostrophes for contraction

We know that wehn two words are contracted into one we need to use an apostophe to mark the missing letter(s).

For example - do not becomes don't. The apostrophe marks the missing o which was once in the word not.

How many more examples of contracted words can you think of? See if you can list at least 10?

Challenge - Can you put each of your contracted words into a sentence of your own, maybe a compound sentence like yesterday.

Test yourself -


Maths task - Written Multiplication 

Why not test yourself to see how much you can remember about ladder multilication. 

Visit Mathsframe  (username: broad and password: oak123

Start simple with TU X U or challenge yourself to HTU X U

If you can't login see if you can solve these ...

46 X 3         53 x 6        67 x 4            82 x 3          27 x 5



Keep smiling :) 

Year 4